The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

Deadly toxins escape through these holes. This is found during a fall furnace maintenance.

Every year around this time, we are over loaded with the amount of advertising that we hear about having a maintenance performed on your heating and cooling systems. Most often, we associate these calls with having an oil change performed on your vehicle since most everyone has or understands the maintenance of a vehicle. Something that is often understated when talking about the maintenance of our heating systems is our safety. If your home heater is a gas furnace, a seasonal maintenance could save your life! If a gas furnaces’ heat exchanger is cracked or damaged, then it could release carbon monoxide into your home.

This odorless gas is deadly and could kill you or your family in their sleep. This thought is terrifying, and we are far from a type of company that tries to scare anyone into purchasing our products. This topic is just that important! At the very least, test your carbon monoxide detectors this time of year. You don’t have a carDeadly cracked heat exchanger caught during a furnace maintenance.
bon monoxide detector?! Go get one now or call us and we will give you one. This is nothing to joke around about!Cracked or damaged heat exchangers are not extremely common, but when it happens the results can be scary.


Some people are afraid of the costs associated with replacing the heat exchanger, but a little advertised fact is that many manufactures offer a 20-year warranty on their heat exchangers. Some manufactures even offer a life-time warranty on their exchangers. If this is the case, then replacing these heat exchangers would simply cost the labor of our technicians replacing the part. We truly want only the best for our customers. If you know someone in our area who has a special need or a unique case that would prevent them from even being able to afford the labor portion of the replacement, please let us know! We will do any and everything that we can think of to help that family. We do not want anyone in our area to be cold or to die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning this winter.Dangerous toxins released into the air while the system is operating could be caught during a furnace maintenance.

I know that some of you are thinking “I have a heat pump so I am safe and have nothing to worry about”. That statement is very true in the context of carbon monoxide poisoning, but if you have gas anywhere in your home to include a gas logs in your fire place you need a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide poisoning won’t just cause death, but it can also lead to chronic headaches and sickness that does not seem to go away. (For more information please visit Medical News Today or other accredited medical journals) Our goal is to ensure that everyone in our area stays safe and warm all winter long!