Local Interviews

Tri-Star is a HVAC & plumbing company that has many years of experience working all over Georgia, and throughout the years we have worked with various customers, getting to know them and being introduced to all of their life stories.

That is why we have decided to take our work to the next level and start a local campaign to promote various nonprofit organizations of Georgia. Our goal is to raise awareness about local organizations by giving them a chance and platform to tell us their story: from the moment they started until now, everything they’ve had to face and are still facing, what motivates them, and so on.

Another goal we wish to achieve with this interview is to connect people with the organizations that offer their help to individuals in need, but who don’t know how or who to ask for help.

So here we are, openly inviting all good Samaritans to participate in our campaign program, either by being part of, or suggesting someone for the interview. We are a local company, so we know that our voice can’t be heard far away, but this is our humble attempt at promoting those who do good.

Small Business Assistance Corporation Interview

Interview in Savannah, Georgia with Small Business Assistance Corporation   We from Tri-Star, a local HVAC & plumbing company from Savannah, Georgia, decided to level-up our work, so we started a local campaign with the goal to promote various non-profit and...

Victory Haven Interview

Interview with non-profit organization Victory Haven in Savannah, Georgia   Tri-Star is a local HVAC & plumbing company from Savannah, Georgia, with many years of professional experience. Within our local campaign whose mission is to promote various...

Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center Interview

Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center Interview in Savannah, GA   Tri-Star is an ac repair Savannah, Georgia contractor, with many years of experience in our profession. Recently we started some local campaigns in collaboration with local non-profit and...