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Over the years we realized people know little about plumbing and have the wrong misconception about it. Plumbing services are either way more demanding or easier than the majority of building and homeowners think. What is plumbing even? How important it really is? We bring you a guide to plumbing systems and our services!

What is plumbing and why it matters?

Plumbing is a system that transports fluids for a broad range of use. It is a complex made of pipes, tanks, tubes, valves and other features that convey water flow. Although people are most familiar with plumbing when it comes to drinkable water and HVAC systems, plumbing is required for many other applications and apparatuses.

Few people comprehend the importance of correctly installed and high-quality plumbing infrastructure. Plumbing widely affects public health because the quality of water is crucial for personal hygiene, food safety, and overall sanitation.

This is why plumbing work is always under the supervision of the government or government organizations. Significant impact on safety and health is a reason why all plumbing must be done by specific building codes and plumbing rules. This not keeps the residents safe and healthy but also sets the correct foundation for future construction projects.


Ancient times were a significant period for the development of infrastructure (plumbing included). During that time water transportation systems were mainly made of clay, bamboo, the stone of wood. Their natural materials were prone to damage, and growing civilization and cities required something more sturdy and stable. We’ve made quite a progress since then so; we use high-quality steel, plastic, and copper.


Plumbing services, in reality, require thorough knowledge, skills, and training. Plumbing tools and equipment also widely differ from conventional tools. Professional plumbers operate using pipe cutters, flaring pliers, wrenches, curving machine, etc.

Development of technology brought innovations into plumbing industry. For instance, today, workers use special cameras to detect hard to notice leaks.

What can Tri-Star Heating Air Plumbing do for you

We understand and respect the importance of plumbing; therefore, we  at Tri-Star Heating Air Plumbing don’t let anyone do your plumbing services. Our plumbers are professionally trained and skilled to perform on your water system and meet all building codes.

We promise you high-quality work done on the pipes without compromisation of your health or safety. There are a bunch of problems that could appear on your water systems such as water leaks, broken pipes or damaged drains. Each of these problems demands unique approach. We don’t work according to a certain template; we pay attention to your plumbing system, recognize its specific problems, analyze materials and then perform on them.

Clogged drains could end up being a real inconvenience. Some plumbers might fix a problem, but that is only a short term solution. TriStar offers you camera diagnosis and long term solution for clogged drains. By camera inspecting, we can see where the real problem is and avoid additional work and expense.

We also deal with things like faucets which might seem not important, but you are wrong. Water flow is significantly influenced by your faucet. Therefore, clogged faucets; lower water quality and annoying slow flow.

If you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on your plumbing system because of a leak, contact us before it’s too late! Water leaks are hard to notice, and people tend to neglect them. However, they can become a huge issue.

Tri-Star Heating Air Plumbing covers a wide range of plumbing services and guarantees you high-quality job done in your home or building but also air conditioner repair across Southeast Georgia!

Savannah Plumbing Solutions

  • Water Softeners
  • Sump Pump Repair and Replacement
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Water Heater Services
  • New Construction Plumbing
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Hydrojetting
  • Burst Pipe Repair
  • Video Inspection and Location
  • Kitchen Plumbing
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Sewer Lines / Trenchless Repair / Replacement
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Water Filtration Systems

Whether you need a fast repair or an inspection to get through the upcoming season, our experts have your heating and cooling needs covered. Call (912)236-2260 or Click Here for reliable and efficient HVAC services in Savannah, Georgia today. Beside Savannah, we are also located in the following areas: Rincon, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Statesboro, Guyton and Tybee Island.

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