A ten step guide

For Your Tri-Star Service Call.

We strive for a clear and consistent expectation on every service call.

We constantly ask for our customers’ feedback about what concerns they may have with not only our company but with our entire industry. One consistent message we receive is the customer has little to no idea of what to expect on a service call when they reach out to a service company. People have heard the dreaded stories about how a company got busy and was hours or days late; the company never called to tell the customer to update them in an arrival time. Others have experienced a company not showing up at all! We took as much feedback as possible, and came up with a guideline of how a typical service call takes place. We do our very best to consistently follow this guideline to a fault on every service call.

1. Find us

Congratulations! You have already completed step one! You have either found our website via search engine, or you witnessed one of our professional technicians driving their always freshly cleaned van and took the website information. (The “always clean van” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but we do try our best to keep them shiny and clean. The rain seems to come just as soon as we finish washing them.)

2. Reach Out To Us

You reach out to us via email here , or give us a call at the office 912-236-2260. You can reach out to us for any reason at all, but most of our customers request a service call to see what is wrong with their system. Other customers already know that their plumbing or HVAC system needs replaced and they are requesting a free estimate for those replacements. We also offer free second opinions for service repairs as long as you have proof of previous diagnosis(The other companies invoice…we don’t need to see it until we have performed our diagnosis).

3. Schedule The Call

We will work with you to schedule a time for our technician to come to your home or workplace. We provide a 4 hour window for the technician’s arrival. We have this window because they could get tied up on someone else’s service call. We would not ask them to pull away from your home or workplace to look at a different customer, so we built in a little buffer time to ensure everyone is taken care of in the allotted time frame. If you can not sit around your home for 4 hours waiting on us to arrive, we understand, we can have the technician give you a call when they are on their way to you! Just give us the amount of lead time you need.

4. Confirmation Email

We will send you a confirmation email. This email will be an overview of your conversation with our dispatcher, and it will also include information on the technician coming to inspect your system. You will have a photo and a short autobiography of the technician. We do our best to fact check the autobiographies(all of our employees have background and drug tests performed), but their personalities start to show in their autobiographies. You will understand a lot more once you see them! Once you receive the email, please review it to ensure there are no discrepancies with the time, date, address, or the topics of concern. If you see anything that was misunderstood, please let us know as soon as possible!

5. Technician’s Formal Introduction

Our technician will give you a call once they are on their way out to see you. If you notified our dispatcher that you will need a certain amount of lead time then the technician will call you with that amount of time. Our goal is to arrive just after you get home so you do not feel rushed and accidentally lock your keys in the car!

6. Diagnosing The Entire System

Another major complaint presented to us is that a company comes out and only fixes the problem that is keeping the system from operating that day (band-aiding the system). The company will oftentimes have to come back out 2-3 more times to finally get the unit fixed completely. We want to avoid this stigma, which has plagued our industry, by spending a few extra minutes diagnosing your entire system rather than just the immediate problem at hand. No repairs will be completed prior to your approval.

7. Presentation Of Our Findings

The always dreaded moment of truth…can the system be saved? Our technician will present to you their findings. Often times there is just one recommendation (unless you have not had a maintenance performed on your system in a year), but if our technician finds that one problem/weak part was the culprit to causing the damage to the part that is keeping the system from running today they will tell you. A lot of times the system will still operate with the aforementioned weak part, but the weak part will most likely damage the new part that we will need to install in order to make your system operate today. Some people want to replace the broken part and then work the replacement of the other part into their budget, and we understand completely. Others decided to just let weak part run its course and hope for the best. This choice isn’t always advised because it could drastically affect the efficiency of the system. Our goal is to fully educate you so you feel confident in any decision you make.

8. Financing

From time to time a repair can get into the one to two thousand dollar range, and no one wants to hear those kinds of numbers when it is 110 degrees outside! Sometimes we just can’t afford to drop that amount of cash on a repair with no notice. This is why we have reached out to a few different lending companies to offer you financing options with approved credit. Our goal is to reduce your stress in every way possible.

9. Completion Of The Service Call

Once you have approved the repair or replacement of your system, our technician will take care of the dirty work. All repairs Tri-Star perform have a 1 year warranty on the parts and a 90 day warranty on the labor. An exception to that rule is if you have a maintenance agreement with us, which would mean you get a 1 year warranty on the labor as well. If you would like to schedule a maintenance on your plumbing or HVAC systems then simply click here!

10. Feedback!

We strive for you, our customer, to have the best experience imaginable during what is typically an extremely trying time. The only way that we know how we are doing is by you providing us with feedback. We will send you what we call a “happy email,” and we ask that you take less than five minutes to tell us about your entire experience. If we did awesome, it was our absolute pleasure! If we really stunk it up, we want to know that too! We thank you for trusting us to serve you, and we hope you have a wonderful day!