How to Clean Your Heating System

Just like any other electrical appliance, your heating system requires regular and well-executed cleaning for it to serve you and your family without any interruptions.
Some of the problems such as breakdowns many homeowners face with their heating systems stem from them not cleaning or poorly cleaning them. Indeed some of them enlist the services of professionals to look into the problems only to find out a mere rubbing, scrubbing or dusting them works wonders by instantly clearing away the problems.
Proper cleaning of the system will make it function without any problems for longer.
Some of the steps you need to observe to successfully clean your heating system are:

Knowing Your Heating System Well

Try to be well acquainted with your own heating system. This is critical for two main reasons. One, it ensures that you know how and what parts of the system to wash with water and other cleaning solutions when cleaning it. Secondly, it will be easy for you to notice any signs of problems that would be solved by merely cleaning the system and which ones need someone skilled to repair and in time. This would save you precious time and resources since you will be taking good care of your system.

Constantly Check the Status of Your System’s Filter

Your system’s filter has a major bearing on its efficiency. This is because any excessive collection of dust and other dirt on it (filter) due to lack of or poor cleaning reduces your system’s efficiency. Besides blocking smooth circulation of warm air, dirty filters could be a source of airborne diseases in your home.
Make it a duty to clean the filters regularly. Note their size to avoid purchase wrong ones when replacing them. Even if you clean them well and regularly, replace them every month during summers and every six months in other seasons.

Clean the Vents

Keep all your vents, cold air returns, and the exhaust system free of dirt, dust, and vegetation by regularly cleaning them. This will allow constant and efficient airflow to enable the system to work optimally.

Clean the Pilot Light

Constantly clean the heat exchanger surfaces to prevent dust from clogging it. If you are using a gas heating system, ensure the pilot light is a clear blue to keep the burners operating optimally. Switch off the gas flow and the thermostat before starting to clear the pilot light’s gas release area and a can of compressed air to get rid of the debris created using a small wire brush.

Flush the Heating System

You may need to apply different cleaning processes such as flushing the heating system to clean the radiator. You, however, must switch off the heating boiler and gas or electricity and then skillfully ensure water does not spill into the central heating system and other such delicate parts.


Even as you follow these steps bear in mind that at one time or another you will need a skilled professional to carry out a thorough cleaning process on the system. If you need to contact an expert, do not hesitate to ask us at Tri-Star, the best heating contractor in Savannah, GA for help.